Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hot Choco Barfings

This week is your last chance to see the Clammies before they hibernate for winter!! And last chance to get xmas 7"! We're working on a new record and doing no shows the rest of December and January after Dec 18th, and maybe none in February neither. This Thurs is Shannon's lil brother Paddy's birthday party at Copland on San Pablo & Brush (near Grand Ave). This is the Paddy of "Paddy's Birthday" legend. Experience another Paddy birthday, and live the magic of the record!! Dirty Cupcakes, Sweet Nothing and Zombie Holocaust will be playing, and DJ Dan Shaw will be causing you to dance.

And if you can't make the burfday, the next day we'll be playing with the legendary Flakes and the INCREDIBLE Rantouls, our favorite band in all of California!!! What an honor... Also appearing will be the Hondettes and the elusive, mysterious Swiss Family Skiiers!! Don't miss it!! This takes place at the Fuzzplex, 3014 MLK, Oakland, CA. After that, prepare for a long dark winter with no Clams!! But we shall re-emerge with a fresh record, new shirts, possible US tour in April and a possible European vacation in early summer!!!