Thursday, January 20, 2011

Return from hibernation!!

Hello creeps. We've been hard at work down in our gnome dungeon working on our new record. Mixing and mastering will be completed by Feb and you should have it in your grubby little hands in April, just in time for our US tour with Hunx & his Punx!!

In celebration of the completion of our new record and our return from winter hibernation, we shall be performing Fri, January 28th at Ghost Town Gallery (25th & San Pablo, Oakland) with Nobunny, Hunx & his Punx and the fabulous Cassie Ramone!! Shortly after, we'll be slithering all over California for a long weekend starting Feb 10, playing shows with Nobunny, the Growlers and more! You might find us in LA, San Diego, Palm Springs etc. Wrapping up this little freakout will be a John Waters Valentine's Day Gay Prom at the Big Gay Warehouse in San Francisco, featuring infamous David Bowie cover band, BLOWIE, in their final performance!!

We also have two new shirts which will be for sale. Get one. Or two.