Monday, November 15, 2010

funny stuff

Been collecting photos of hilarious bathroom "art" and other weird stuff. In Alabama we met a wild cat that lives outside of a gas station, hangs around by the trashcan. He was a trashcat. Hard to get close to.

Florida is the BEST state we've ever been on tour to. All our shows and all the people are SOOO FUN!!! Reminds us of oakland. We ate alligator at a harley davidson swamp bar. Orlando is chock full of wild street freaks, a hobo with a monk haircut, idiot tweenage crust punks with no shoes who can barely talk cos they've been trashed for days (there's a pic of the "vagina" graffitti on his back).

Note the pic of the hilarious Buzz Lightyear (maybe?) pinata at the bottom, at a goodwill in Gainsville, FL.


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